LUGRA Company has been providing construction services since 1990. First on the strictly domestic market but from 1991 it has been executing work contracts with Germany.  Since Poland has been a member state of European Union, we have also executed such contracts in France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland on a freedom of service basis.   


We employ over 250 employees both in Poland and abroad, including more than 200 direct construction workers.


We are in a possession of both  warehouse and equipment resources sufficient to execute construction tasks (over 1 000 m² of warehouse space and over 5 000 m² of open storage space,  tower crane, excavators, digger-loader, truck vehicles, scaffoldings).


We provide full range of construction services, implementing the latest technology and organizational solutions, striving to meet our customers’ expectations.


Our offer includes following construction works and services:


  • Raw state construction works – steel fixing works, formwork, concrete and brick work 
  • Finishing works - plaster, painting, roof, floor-layering works and interior arrangement
  • Special works
  • Designing and estimates
  • Material supplies

We act as a general contractor or as a subcontractor.


Since 2nd June 2005 we have been using quality management system for construction and installation works and construction of external water and sewage systems as required by ISO 9001:2008, certified with TÜV CERT.

We are ready to enter into corporate agreements and to establish consortium.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you!